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BTC Bahamas Sim Question – Can I keep my sim alive?


Issue – A customer bought a sim in October for travel in November. The sim was funded for his transit, but he did not make it to the Bahamas (Boat trouble). What can he do to keep the sim alive for travel once repairs are made?

Answer – If customer does nothing and assumes the sim is not alive because he did not arrive as yet, he is mistaken. Sim is alive 90 days from the funding date such that data can be activated upon customer arrival in the Bahamas. If he does not arrive the Bahamas within 90 days the sim will die and the money will be lost. He can however topup the line online at www.mrsimrefill.com with a minimal amount (as little as $3) to keep the sim and its balance alive another 90 days. Customer should contact “mrsimcard” to discuss options.

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