O O Mobile Global Sim not activating in USA

As we can see, the handset is getting a connection with the network ( according network bars on top left screen corner), but the user does not have service.

A. We have had an issue with some SIM cards that first light up in the USA Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico or USVI.

We can try to fix it in few steps:

1) Go to Sim menu -> Settings -> Service code.
Enter the code 2100
After will be shown a result ( like on scr1).

If the star sign ( * ) appears right after 310630 ( like on scr1) then you need to do next step.
Go again to Service code and enter code 2003.

After you will receive message “Network list cleared” (scr2)

Last step is to go again to Service codes and enter code 210100 (scr3).

If everything went well, then the card should automatically register in the network after 10-30 seconds.

If handset is still not registered in network, then try to register in the partner network manually.

Thanks for your business

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