Using your cell phone in the Bahamas!

Using your cell phone in the Bahamas!

Yes you can use your cellphone in the Bahamas. You also can rent a phone, but why bother when you already have a Smartphone in hand. Call your carrier to make certain the phone is unlocked and order yourself a BTC Bahamas sim card from mrsimcard. Verizon 4G customers are in for a treat. Your Verizon phone is unlocked and you can can use it in the Bahamas. AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile customers will need to request unlock from the Carrier. Everyone else needs to make certain of the lock status of the handset before proceeding.

Ok – So your phone is unlocked, or you have pulled an old iPhone out of your back closet.. What next. Here are the steps.

1. Order a sim at mrsimcard and advise your Bahamas arrival date.
2. Your sim will be shipped and an activation date will be assigned based on your arrival date. The activation is done 1 or 2 days before arrival.
3. Your package will arrive including your Bahamas sim number and mobile number. Use this info to register your device imei here Registration is required if you want to have data in the Bahamas. No registration – No data.
4. Arrive the Bahamas and use the onscreen menu to start data service. Dial *205# and follow the menu.
5. Set the APN – and enjoy.

Easy cheesy!
Sim Support Washington DC, USA

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