Prepaid Sims for Orange Israel now Available on

Prepaid Sims for Orange Israel now Available on!

Traveling to Israel with your unlocked GSM phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, or tablet just got easier. An Orange Israel sim card with super low cost calling rates for use in Israel, mean you can stay connected to friends and family without painful roaming charges.

The process is simple. Order your Orange Israel sim from When the order is processed, we will ask for your arrival date in Israel. Your activation is scheduled for 2 to 5 days before arrival in Israel. You arrive Isral, insert the sim and enjoy low cost calls, sms, and 3G data.

International Calling from Israel
Orange has a unique service that allows customers to make international calls without purchasing a calling card. Just enter the quick access code of the country you want to call (* followed by three digits) to receive an automated reply from Omni telecom. Then dial your international number and # to complete the call. Your international call will then be processed. See the list of quick access codes.

With the Orange network in Israel, 3G service is prevalent, so using Skype, Viber, Tango, Voxer or your favorite voip application for international communication is a breeze.

Standard sims and micro sims are available.