MRSIMCARD.COM launches dual numbered +1 and +372 Global Travelsim


Herndon, VA – May 10, 2009 – mrsimcard ( announces the launch of its dual number Global Travelsim with US and Estonian numbers all in one. The sim allows the user to be contacted on either number the +1 US number and the +372 Estonian number. Text messages may be sent to either number. The availability of this sim card means that a customer who wants a US and an international number need only the one phone. This dual numbered sim card works in 160+ countries and offers free incoming calls in 66 countries and counting.

The sim features are as follows:

– Calls from the sim start at 0.39 cents USD per minute
– Incoming calls made to the Estonian number are Free in 66 countries
– Incoming calls made to the U.S. number are 0.19 cents USD per minute
– Text messages sent from the sim are 0.39 cents USD
– Incoming text messages are Free to the +372 number
– Incoming text messages are 0.10 cents USD to the U.S. number

Customers can provide friends and family with one or both numbers and remain in touch while on travel all over the world. Customers need only dial a +1 number to reach loved ones wherever they might be at a cost far lower than that offered by major carrier international roaming service. Business users can travel the world and stay in touch on one number without paying a bundle for the convenience. Corporate communications departments can add manage multiple lines via a provided online interface which offers unlimited flexibility in managing the sim card. Corporate users can control how much airtime is placed to the sim card and the availability of added features such as GPRS.

The service provides exceptional savings when compared with US carrier international roaming. Why pay $2 to $5 per minute for international calls when you could pay $0.39 cents instead. Its not the smart way to travel in 2009.

The Global Travelsim can be purchased online at for $29.99 which includes $10 in calling credit.

About mrsimcard

Since its launch in 2006, OOMobile | mrsimcard has become one of the fastest-growing prepaid sim only organizations in North America. With a specific focus on driving value to the consumer and lowering the cost of prepaid wireless, OOMobile | mrsimcard has enjoyed the support of customers and dealers alike. MRSIMCARD is renowned for competitive rates, unbeatable customer care and the best GSM carrier coverage. OOMobile | mrsimcard offers a wide variety of products and services. Customers always get a deal at

Fida Awadallah
Director of Public Relations, OOMOBILE, Inc.
T: +1 (703) 953 2272 (USA)



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