Mr.SimCard creates starter kit for dealers new to Prepaid Wireless

(Herndon, VA July 31, 2008.) Mr.SimCard has developed a starter kit for wireless dealers, convenience stores, flea markets, and check cashing stores wishing to get started in Prepaid Wireless.

F198FCC3-F659-4B7F-B347-E983D10D5E3C.jpgThe starter kit costs a mere $260 and includes more than 30 sim cards (prepaid of course) from major US based prepaid brands such as Oxygen Wireless, Red Pocket Mobile, Pure Prepaid(formerly Buzz Wireless), AT&T Mobility, and T-Mobile as well as an International Sim from United Mobile designed for world travelers. No contracts or credit checks are required for these prepaid products.

The starter kit also includes the Gorilla Box prepaid refill system which is a must have. Dealers learn very quickly that the money in prepaid wireless is made two ways; the “upfront” margin on the sim and handset sale and the “comeback” sale of prepaid refills. There is no upfront cost for the Gorilla Box and no monthly maintenance for the web based POS system.

Check out WWW.MRSIMCARD.COM for Prepaid Sim Cards. Use them in the USA or get a Global Roaming Sim Card.

The web based system allows the refill of a large number of prepaid products including Boost Mobile (RTR, Real Time Replenishment), Verizon, AT&T, Alltel, Red Pocket Mobile, Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile, and Powerlink.. to name a few. The Gorilla Box even includes Digicel Jamaica, Trinidad and Haiti on the platform as RTR products allowing a customer n the USA to refill the account of a family member in Jamaica instantly.


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