Mr. SimCard offers Prepaid SimCard for iPhone with Unlimited Data

Mr. SimCard have announced the availability of prepaid simcard for use with iPhone. Sims are currently available on AT&T and Orange Wireless Jordan. Both sims save the user a bundle on the current monthly $80 AT&T charges for voice and unlimited data with a two year contract.

The prepaid sim on AT&T costs a mere $50 to purchase, but includes the first month service with 150 free anytime minutes and Unlimited data on big blue (AT&T). After the first month the user buys a $35 refill to TopUp the plan, which give another 150 minutes and Unlimited data for another month. If you find you are using more minutes, simply TopUp your minutes at

This seems a neat way to enjoy my iPhone without the confines of a two year contract and best of all the data pipe is wide open.

Check out WWW.MRSIMCARD.COM for Prepaid Sim Cards. Use them in the USA or get a Global Roaming Sim Card.

If your travels take you to the Middle East, actually Jordan, then you’ll want to have the Orange Wireless prepaid sim from Jordan This sim give great rates in the Kingdom, offers free incoming calls and low low outgoing calls, and unlimited data for your iPhone. You can even select the USA as a Favorite and enjoy even lower cost calls from Jordan to the USA. Unlimited Data in Jordan is $39.99JD each month and is purchased upon arrival Jordan.

Both sim card are offered online at


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