Virgin Mobile USA Offers Unlimited Wireless Plan – $79 per month

C8DD2FE5-0AD2-41BB-94CB-F123C9471CC7.jpgVirgin Mobile USA Offers Unlimited Wireless Plan Virgin Mobile USA made a move Tuesday to undercut other mobile providers offering unlimited rate plans. Mobile providers like T-Mobile and Sprint are currently offering customers an unlimited rate plan, with about $100 being the price customers can expect. Virgin Mobile USA cuts the price by $20 —

The new plan costs $79.99 for voice and $10 extra for text messages. There are no roaming fees and no credit card is required, as with Virgin’s other prepaid services, said CMO Bob Stohrer.

The Totally Unlimited plan, is billed by Virgin Mobile as the “lowest priced and first unlimited nationwide calling plan.” Users on the plan are not subject to roaming and are not necessarily tied to a two-year commitment.

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Totally Unlimited gives users who purchase the plan the option to pay with credit or debit cards and not necessarily sign a long-term contract. Avoiding getting locked into a long-term contract may be an option that appeals to a large number of users fed up with their current mobile carrier and looking to make a switch.

The Totally Unlimited plan is another option mobile plan that Virgin Mobile is offering customers. The unlimited plan joins a Pay As You Go and Monthly model that Virgin debuted earlier in 2008.

The Totally Unlimited plan from Virgin Mobile comes several months after other nationwide carries rolled out unlimited use rate plans to their customers. Sprint’s Simply Everything plan costs customers $99.99. An one line, unlimited plan from Verizon Wireless also starts at $99, but runs all the way up to $139, depending on what type of unlimited service a customer wants. T-Mobile’s offering also comes in at $99.

Whether or not mobile customers will move to Virgin Mobile remains to be seen. But a less expensive price point and the option to change carrier at any time will likely attract a fair number of mobile subscribers.

Verizon Wireless announced an unlimited plan on Feb. 19 this year and was followed the next day by AT&T and T-Mobile. Sprint-Nextel announced its version nine days later.