Get a FREE T-Mobile Prepaid Sim – Just pay shipping.

F08B78D8-D92E-4EAA-9A22-8977A9D2A900.jpgT-Mobile Bare Bones Sim with $3.00 loaded. It’s our lowest cost Prepaid Sim Card Ever.. IT’S .20 CENTS.

This is a Mr. SimCard special. We have limited quantities of this simcard. Get yourself a T-Mobile USA number $.20 cents, and 2.80 shipping – Total 3.00. It’s really FREE, but the accounting system requires a cost and separate shipping charge.

There’s no catch.. There’s always a promotion going on at, and we love selling the T-Mobile prepaid sim. T-Mobile has made prepaid more exciting, by adding unlimited mobile to mobile and free nights… all for a buck a day.

You can add minutes and use it as a straight prepaid sim or you can flip it to the new “Pay by the day” plan where you pay $1.00 per day (only on days your use the number) and .10c per min. You’ll get Free nights and Unlimited Mobile to Mobile.

Pretty cool huh.. No contract or no credit check. $0.20 Buy Now!


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