Check out the new Military-Grade Phone from Boost Mobile

Dust, shock, drops, and spills; the rugged Motorola i335 phone introduced this month from Boost Mobile(R: 71.98, -0.57, -0.78%) complements the “on-the-go” lifestyles of Boost’s customers — the majority of which are 26 years old and younger. The slim, yet rugged handset features military-grade 810F durability and a thin candy-bar design with textured backing and smooth rubber face that is aimed at attracting today’s active and style-conscious youth.
Highlights/Key Facts:

Rugged Durability

— New Stylish exterior specifically designed for the i335 phone
— Built to U.S. military-standard 810F for dust, shock and vibration resistance that will withstand drops and spills.

Instant Communication

— Boost Walkie-Talkie capability: connect instantly with your friends and family at the push of a button.
— Boost Mobile is the only national wireless service provider to offer you Nextel’s national “push-to-talk” technology as a pay as you go feature.
— Use the Boost Walkie-Talkie for a dollar a day with unlimited nationwide use and your fee is only charged to you upon the days when the service is actually used or a walkie-talkie call is received.

i335 Phone Features:

— Nationwide Boost(R: 71.98, -0.57, -0.78%) Walkie-Talkie capabilities
— Bluetooth(R: 71.98, -0.57, -0.78%) Wireless Technology(1)
— Military-Standard 810F for Dust, Shock and Vibration
— GPS-enabled(2)
— Text Message, Instant Message and Multi-Media Messaging(2) capabilities
— Wireless Web capabilities(2), access to AOL(R: 71.98, -0.57, -0.78%), Yahoo!(R: 71.98, -0.57, -0.78%) and MSN(R: 71.98, -0.57, -0.78%) Instant Messaging(2)
— Hands-Free Speakerphone with Voice-Activated Dialing
— Bright Color TFT Display
— Java(R: 71.98, -0.57, -0.78%)-enabled games and applications

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The i335 handset from Boost Mobile is available at participating wireless dealers, major retail locations or at for a suggested retail price of $59.99. As with all Boost Mobile Pay As You Go handsets, there are no credit checks, hidden charges or monthly bills. Boost Mobile customers pay for minutes only as they need them through the purchase of Re-Boost(R: 71.98, -0.57, -0.78%) Cards available at all authorized Boost retailers, and Mr. SimCard .


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