New Gunboat Class to join the BVI Spring regatta Mar 27- Apr 2, 2017

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New Gunboat Class to join the Racing Mar 27- Apr 2, 2017
The BVI Spring regatta and Sailing Festival takes place March 27 – April2, 2017. It is hosted again at Nanny Cay.

As of 4 March, 2017, six Gunboats are confirmed to race the BVI Spring Regatta. In the line-up are: Gunboat 60 Arethusa, Gunboat 62 Elvis, Gunboat 66 Extreme H2O, Gunboat 60 Flow, Gunboat 60 Momentum, and Gunboat 55 Thirst.

The Gunboat fleet has been racing together for over a decade in the Caribbean, Northeast and Mediterranean. Approximately a third of the 30+ Gunboats in circulation, which range from 48′-90′, race competitively, according to Meredith Erickson, Gunboat class co-organizer, and this year the fleet has chosen to participate in the BVI Spring Regatta. .. learn more

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BTC Bahamas Sim Question – Can I keep my sim alive?


Issue – A customer bought a sim in October for travel in November. The sim was funded for his transit, but he did not make it to the Bahamas (Boat trouble). What can he do to keep the sim alive for travel once repairs are made?

Answer – If customer does nothing and assumes the sim is not alive because he did not arrive as yet, he is mistaken. Sim is alive 90 days from the funding date such that data can be activated upon customer arrival in the Bahamas. If he does not arrive the Bahamas within 90 days the sim will die and the money will be lost. He can however topup the line online at with a minimal amount (as little as $3) to keep the sim and its balance alive another 90 days. Customer should contact “mrsimcard” to discuss options.

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iPhone Tip – Use Headphone Cord to Take Photos

iPhone Headphone

iPhone Tip – Use Headphone Cord to Take Photo
Are you shaken hands messing up your otherwise perfect photos. Did you know can trigger a snapshot using the volume up or down buttons on your headphone? Now you do.

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Using your cell phone in the Bahamas!

Using your cell phone in the Bahamas!

Yes you can use your cellphone in the Bahamas. You also can rent a phone, but why bother when you already have a Smartphone in hand. Call your carrier to make certain the phone is unlocked and order yourself a BTC Bahamas sim card from mrsimcard. Verizon 4G customers are in for a treat. Your Verizon phone is unlocked and you can can use it in the Bahamas. AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile customers will need to request unlock from the Carrier. Everyone else needs to make certain of the lock status of the handset before proceeding.

Ok – So your phone is unlocked, or you have pulled an old iPhone out of your back closet.. What next. Here are the steps.

1. Order a sim at mrsimcard and advise your Bahamas arrival date.
2. Your sim will be shipped and an activation date will be assigned based on your arrival date. The activation is done 1 or 2 days before arrival.
3. Your package will arrive including your Bahamas sim number and mobile number. Use this info to register your device imei here Registration is required if you want to have data in the Bahamas. No registration – No data.
4. Arrive the Bahamas and use the onscreen menu to start data service. Dial *205# and follow the menu.
5. Set the APN – and enjoy.

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Simple and Straightforward USA Unlimited Service

Unlimited USA service on Lycamobile.
The Lycamobile “USA Unlimited” plan includes Unlimited USA Talk, Unlimited USA / International Text messages, 100MB data or Unlimited 3G data with 500MB, 750MB, 2Gigs, 4Gigs or 10Gig at 4G LTE speed. These super plan include Unlimited calls to 70+ countries. See the detail under Intnl. calls for countries.

Basic inclusions:
1. Unlimited international calling from the USA to Australia, Canada, UK, Israel, China, India, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Mexico, South Korea, Thailand and 70+ countries.
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Need a Sim for a Student who loves to Chat

Q: My youngster is heading to Sweden for two months. After this she plans to trek across Europe with her friends from school. She has an iPhone and chats all the time. What can you offer that will keep her connected without breaking the bank?





Please look at our new offering ChatSim – This sim has a one time cost of $25 which is valid for 12 months of unlimited chat service. Its really simple. Once it is activated, you can chat unlimited using LINE, IMO, FACEBOOK MESSENGER, WECHAT, TELEGRAM, BBM< WHATSAPP….etc. Add 10 Euro for multimedia messaging or talk and she is Good to Go! for the whole trip.

Will this work?

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